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CSTA Committees

CSTA's Board of Directors and the work of CSTA are served by several standing and ad hoc committees. These committees act in an advisory capacity to the board. All committees are filled and directed by volunteers and supported by CSTA staff. Each committee also has a board liaison. If you are interesting in participating as a committee volunteer, please send an email to admin@cascience.org.

2013 Conference Committee

Recognizing that the programming of the California Science Education Conference be timely and relevant to science educators, responsibility for developing the program content shall lie with the Conference Committee, with input from the CSTA Board of Directors, and CSTA Professional Development Committee, as appropriate. Conference logistics, including registration, hotel, and convention center arrangements, exhibitor programs, scheduling, printed promotional, and informational materials, and budget are the responsibility of the CSTA staff and contractors, with CSTA Board of Directors oversight. Promoting the Conference and ensuring its success are the responsibility of all committee members, Board of Directors members, and staff. From time to time, the Conference Committee members may be called upon to coordinate certain logistics as assigned. The Conference Committee members are also assigned various responsibilities during the conference.

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Peter A'Hearn and Jim Jones

Electronic Communications Committee

This committee oversees all aspects of electronic communications and social media for the Association. Working in collaboration with the Executive Director and office staff, the Electronic Communications Committee maintains all electronic social media and facilitates communications with members. Proposes policies and procedures for maintaining and promoting the digital image of the Association.

Current Committee Chair: Eric Lewis

Legislative Oversight Committee

The Legislative Oversight Committee (LOC) monitors State and Federal legislative issues, develops potential responses to issues and assists Executive Director and President in composing letters and communications in response to proposed legislation. The LOC informs members of pending legislation by writing articles for CCS and other social media venues.

Current Committee Chair: Marian Murphy-Shaw

Marketing Committee

Develops strategies for increasing the visibility of the Association and attracting support from currently untapped sources.

Current Committee Chair: David Pummill


Membership and Preservice Committee

Promotes increased membership in the Association by attracting new members, retention of existing members, and return of past members. Monitors and proposes membership incentives designed to increase membership. Develops strategies to engage new and preservice teachers in the Association.

Current Committee Chair: Lisa Hegdahl

NGSS Committee

To coordinate and plan the NGSS strand at the California Science Education Conference, monitor the progress of the NGSS and inform the board as necessary, develop strategies and proposal for the CSTA board to consider as it relates to CSTA's role in the anticipated implementation of the NGSS in California.

Current Committee Chair: Rick Pomeroy

Publications and Materials Review Committee

Oversees the publication of the California Classroom Science newsletter by soliciting, writing, and editing articles from members on a monthly basis. Develops strategies for generating income for the Association through advertising in Association publications. Investigates possible strategies for providing members only content.

Current Committee Co-Chairs: Carolyn Holcroft and Valerie Joyner