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Preservice Teacher Programs


If you are a PRESERVICE teacher (without a teaching credential) currently enrolled in school, you can take advantage of CSTA’s Preservice Teacher Membership! The yearly membership fee of $25 gives you access to the support, resources, professional development, and mentoring that membership in a professional organization brings with it, in addition to all of the membership benefits offered to CSTA members.

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If you have any questions regarding the Preservice Teacher Membership, please email or call Connie Morrill (916) 979-7004.

Teach California

The California Department of Education has an excellent online resource for prospective teachers. Teach California has credentialing and job information as well as an interactive question-and-answer feature. Click on the Discover Teaching Science link on the home page to get answers to your specific questions about science teaching. http://www.teachcalifornia.org.

Science Education Community in the CSU

The Science Education Community in the CSU is a community of members—CSU faculty, K-12 science teachers throughout California, K-12 administrators, interested legislators, and, of particular importance, preservice through Induction year science teachers, including undergraduate and credential students and those in their first three years of teaching science. The Science Education Community in the CSU is based upon the concept of a “teaching commons” whereby the community of California’s K-12 science teachers and university science teacher educators advance and promote the scholarship of teaching and learning science through sharing of ideas, practices, and information, and resources. Find a wealth of information and assistance at http://teachingcommons.cdl.edu/sec/.

Science Teacher as Researcher (STAR) 

Science Teacher As Researcher (STAR) is a CSU-sponsored program for science majors or single subject students/recent grads who are planning to teach middle or high school science. The program provides an eight-week paid research opportunity at a federal lab or research center in the San Francisco area. STAR interns are paid $4,000 for the eight-week program. The program is intended to provide first-hand experience with applied research, cultivate an interest in and increase the prestige of science teaching as a profession, and foster inquiry-based science teaching and learning. STAR participants will be creating a research poster/presentation at the end of their eight-week program, and they will have opportunities for mentoring by scientists and inservice teachers. Additional information about the STAR program can be found at www.cesame.calpoly.edu/STAR.htm.

Preservice Teacher Program (PST) 

The US Department of Energy Office of Science runs a program to provide internships for preservice teachers (PST). This program is a paid, ten-week summer research program. Similar to STAR, the PST program sends preservice teachers to work in research labs. Like STAR students, the PST students will be creating a research poster/presentation at the end of their program. More information can be found at www.scied.science.doe.gov/scied/PST/about.htm.

PowerPoint Presentation for Preservice Teachers

Click on this link to view a PowerPoint presentation which will familiarize you with your professional organization! Science Methods Instructors: Download activities to use with your preservice students: www.cascience.org/csta/pdf/preservice_activities.doc.

Credentialing Information for Prospective Teachers

Teachers are credentialed for teaching by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Information for Elementary Credential
Information for Secondary Credential