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Science Education Organizations

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California Department of Education Science site - http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/sc


The California Environmental Education Interagency Network (CEEIN), a consortium of environmental educators representing California state departments, boards and commissions of the Department of Education, California Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Resources Agency. -- http://www.calepa.ca.gov/education/CEEIN

California Science Education Advisory Committee (CSEAC) - - http://www.edgateway.net/cs/ege/forum/cs_disc/465?x-showcontent=message_text

California Science Project - UCLA - 3806 Geology Bldg. - Los Angeles 90095-1567 http://csmp.ucop.edu/csp/

Center for Science Education at Education Development Center - NSF-funded online institutes designed to meet the needs of practicing teachers at elementary, middle, and hich school levels. http://cse.edc.org

Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) Science Subcommittee - County science coordinators. Find your local science specialist here. http://www.edgateway.net/cs/ege/forum/cs_disc/507?x-showcontent=message_text

The National Center for Science Education compiles information and resources for educators on teaching evolution. www.ncseweb.org

K-12 Alliance - www.k12alliance.org

San Diego Sience Alliance (SDA) - http://www.sdsa.org

Bay Area Science Alliance (BASA) - http://www.basa.info/

EdGateway - www.edgateway.net

Modesto Area Partners in Science - http://virtual.yosemite.cc.ca.us/smurov/sched.html

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) - www.naaee.org

Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education (AEOE) - www.aeoe.org

Satellite Educators Association www.sated.org

Stanford University Office of Science Outreach - This website contains information on science outreach programs for K-12 teachers, students and the general public offered throughout the University. http://oso.stanford.edu/


Contra Costa County Association of Science and Math Educators (C3ASME) — http://www.cccoe.net/c3asme

Gold Coast Science Network (GCSN)—Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties — http://goldcoastscience.org

Inland Area Science Teachers Association (IASTA) — http://www.iasta.org

Orange County Science Education Associationhttp://www.ocscience.org

San Diego Science Educators Association (SDSEA) — www.sdsea.org

See CSTA Chapter page for more chapters. http://www.cascience.org/csta/aboutChapters.asp