Adopted Standards

Next Generation Science Standards for California Public Schools,K-12

Adopted by the California State Board of Education on September 4, 2013.

Source: California Department of Education

The standards can be viewed by grade level Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI): Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, and Physical Sciences or by grade level Topic (e.g.: Chemical Reactions, Structure and Function, or Space Systems).

California's adopted version of the NGSS includes some modifications of the version published by Achieve to seven Clarification Statements. These modifications are included in the standards documents linked below. The modifications and their rationale are available here for download as a separate document.

CA NGSS in Print!

CDE Press has made the CA NGSS available in a book format. Copies are $30 and are available for purchase online.

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The San Diego County Office of Education has developed a comprehensive website that allows for you to more easily access the CA NGSS. Check It Out!

Kindergarten - Grade 5 Standards

Arranged by Disciplinary Core Ideas (Life, Earth and Space, and Physical Science)

Arranged by Topic (e.g.: Chemical Reactions, Structure and Function, or Space Systems)

Middle School/Jr. High Grades 6-8 Standards

Integrated Middle School Science Standards Model

Discipline Specific Middle Grades Standards

High School Grades 9-12 Standards

NGSS Appendices A-M

The NGSS Appendices A-M were adopted to assist teachers in the implementation of NGSS and in the development of the new science curriculum framework.