Equitable Access to Science Education

Equitable Access to Science Education in California

Equitable Access to Science Education in California

Science education helps young people understand the world around them, develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, and be prepared for a future increasingly centered around information and technology. However, the reality in California, and across the U.S., is that high-quality science education is not yet sufficiently available for all students in all schools. The Equitable Access to Science Education of California paper details the challenges of bringing high quality science education to all classrooms across California and what we can do to help.

This paper was written by Suzanne Goldstein for the California Association of Science Educators (CASE) with contributions and guidance from Jessica Sawko of California Association of Science Educators; Jill Grace of K-12 Alliance; Claudio Vargas of Sci-Lingual Collaborative; Virginia Vandergon of California State University, Northridge; Alyssa Nemeckova-Fairfield of Palm Springs Unified School District; Shawna Metcalf of Glendale Unified School District; Leena Bakshi of STEM 4 Real; and Jeff Orlinsky of Downey Unified School District.